Installation Manual

General Terms & Conditions
This guide details a generic instruction for the installation and operation of the GPS DOME module. This guide has been written for both static and in-vehicle application although GPS DOME may be used in a range of applications.
This manual is written for both GPS Dome 1.01 and GPS Dome 1.01-DF
GPS DOME (see Figure 1 and 2) is a compact, light-weight GPS anti-jamming module, designed to prevent loss of position fix and time in the presence of certain types of jammer. The unit may be installed on a range of installations that rely on GPS and connects between the antenna and the GPS receiver.
Two active GPS antennas, with nominal gain of 26dB, are connected to the SMA RF connectors; the primary and auxiliary antenna inputs. The RF Output provides connection to the input of the GPS Receiver.

  • The GPS DOME module should be mounted on a flat surface where possible and secured using the mounting holes provided.
  • To prevent damage to any cable assemblies used in this installation, ensure that cables are not bent, deformed or snagged to cause damage to the internal wiring or the connector ends.
  • This product is a high-tech electronics module; we recommend installation is undertaken by a professional.
  • During installation ensure there is NO power applied to the module. Make sure the GPS receiver is not powered.
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