GPSdome Product

GPSdome features

Capability of preventing the jammer's disruption by directing NULL by the receiving antenna (null stearing) to gain a very significant reduction of the jammer's received power level.

Miniaturization that allows its concealing, so it will not be seen from the outside.
Easy integration with the receiver/antenna architecture with no need for additional new cables.
GPS DOME (see Figure 1 and 2) is a compact, light-weight GPS anti-jamming module, designed to prevent loss of position fix and time in the presence of certain types of jammer. The unit may be installed on a range of installations that rely on GPS and connects between the antenna and the GPS receiver.
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GPS Anti – Jammer and Anti – Spoofer for Timing systems
GPSdome – T is a standalone, mountable antenna module which provides protection against jamming and spoofing of GPS systems.

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